Trinon Q-Implant System

Implants of Trinon Q-Implant are reliable high-grade and simple to install constructions. Our clinic uses tooth systems of Trinon Q-Implant as fast and quite affordable solution for quality implantation.
Trinon Q-Implant System

This titan endoosseous Q-implant has self-tapping thread that makes the implantation procedure really fast.

The implant is thoroughly fixed even at first installation thus giving opportunity to install a temporary crown. 

 This way you get a nice esthetic effect even before installation of permanent crowns.

Trinon Q-Implant System

Trinon Q-Implant systems provide transgingival healing and sandblasting treatment that speed up the time of osseointegration. To make the risk of bacterial impact even lower a specific finishing of head surface is dont.

Peculiarities of orthopedic form of Trinon Q-Implant implants provide fast result even for such procedure as tooth implantation. Implant head can be prepared for change of natural tooth stump. Longitudinal grooves in the head of the implant immobilize it, thus allowing installation of a temporary crown.

Implants of Trinon Q-Implant are used for and stage operations that are done during single visit to the doctor.

Implants of Trinon Q-Implant have several features that differ from other companies, especially in thread specific. Thanks to milling company specialists made pressure distribution even for the whole jaw. Time of osteogenesis is made smaller thanks to bone chips that are around the implant.
Implants of Trinon Q-Implant go through a special antibacterial processing via sandblasting with aluminum oxide.

Trinon Q-Implant can be used in most cases of implantation:

  • Restoration of a single tooth

  • Restoration of a bridge denture

  • Restoration of all or most teeth (edentia)

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