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Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that is aimed at study, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of periodontium illnesses .

Periodontium is an area around teeth that includes gums, dental arch, apical dental ligament, root cement tooth and tooth enamel.

The most widespread illnesses of periodontium are gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontosis.

Gingivitis is a gum illness that comes from absence of mouth cavity hygiene, bad fillings or unprofessional treatment. Main gingivitis activators are bacteria.
Gingivitis symptoms: bleeding and painful gums that also may be swelling.
In case of gingivitis treatment is done by professional cleaning or, in bad cases, by surgical interference.

Periodontitis is and inflamational gum illness that is developed during lasting gingivitis. Thus, periodontitis is a bad case of gingivitis.
Periodontitis symptoms: bleeding gums, tooth stone and gum debris and also pathological tooth activity. The distinctive symptom of periodontitis is a deep gingival pocket.
Is such case gum treatment takes a long time and lots of efforts.

Acute type of periodontitis is one of the main reasons for tooth loss. That’s why you should not treat periodontitis on your own or with help of non-traditional medicine or antibiotics. When you see the first symptoms you should contact a qualified dentist. Only a dentist can choose the right method for gums treatment.

Our specialist do the full complex of procedures aimed at gum treatment, including preliminary tooth check, occlusion check etc. The final diagnosis is given only after x-raying.

Gum illness prevention:

  • Regular dentist check;
  • Regular mouth cavity care;
  • Timely removal of tooth debris;
  • Resignation of bad habits.
Gum treatment, periodontology in 32 dent conduct:
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT»
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT» (therapeutist)
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II Prevention of caries, periodontitis, professional hygiene:
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