Alpha Bio

Our experienced dentist use Israeli Alpha Bio implants to solve problems with most difficult cases.


Alpha Bio is well known for its high quality of products for implantation.

Alpha Bio technologies are used for many years by leading dental clinics in Russia, Ukraine and overseas.

Many European specialists have worthily appraised Alpha Bio implants.

Professional instruments developed by this company are superb solution for implantation of dentures with low amount of bone tissue. With this implants you don’t need to increase bone tissue amount. Thus patients with physiological distinction can also get good implants.

Alpha Bio tooth implants are easy to install and thus can be used by professionals and student assistants.

Alpha Bio

There are several types of Alpha Bio implants:
Alpha-Tec — standard implant with rugged surface
Dualfit — conical implant that is used for implantation into week or spongeous bone.
Spiral – turbinal implant used for implantation in a narrow bone (2 mm)
Arrow Press - implant with special binding for dentures.