Konus k3pro

Konus is a German company whose range includes implants, accessories for implantation and surgical operations, laboratory and other equipment.
Konus k3pro

Konus k3pro implants are tough and reliable constructions that were created as result of numerous scientific researches.

First of all Konus activity is oriented towards satisfaction of customers` needs with the most modern inventions in the dentistry sphere.

Konus k3pro

Specialist throughout the earth use Konus k3pro implants. The work of company`s engineers, technologists and scientist does not stop for a minute. They constantly better quality of implants and equipment for operations.

Every last Konus k3pro implant goes through a series of tests that can guarantee a high quality product check. All of these tests are performed by professionals. To make the quality even better the company always renews it product base.

Implantation with Konus k3pro. Konus k3pro implants meet the highest quality checks of leading European companies and associations thus guaranteeing high level products.

Reliable, long lasting and esthetic Konus k3pro implants are available to customers of our clinic.