Tooth cleaning

It is well known that a person needs to brush its teeth not less than twice a day. You can keep your teeth clean and prevent development of dental plaque that comes from food rests and slime.

If you cant prevent development of dental plaque on your own, you should seek help from professional dentists.

«32Dent» clinic provides following services for professional teeth cleaning:

Scale treatment

Scale is developed in those places that were not cleaned for a long time. Scale can also become reason for inflammations and suppuration, and thus become a starter for periodontitis.

In our clinic scale is treated with ultrasound scaler. This procedure takes several minutes and is absolutely painless.

Smokers scale treatment with AIR–FLOW

Air-flow – is a popular method for cleaning teeth from scale and debris. After cleaning procedure teeth become 1-2 tones lighter.

Specialists of «32Dent» will clean your teeth with Air-flow quick and with high quality.

Air-flow features:

  • Air-flow is a preventive treatment of профилактикой periodontosis and periodontitis
  • The treatment is done quick and painless
  • This method removes scale and debris without damaging gums.
  • Air-flow cleaning is done with a thrust of special substance that consists of water and abrasive solution.
  • This method is also used for cleaning dental pockets smaller then 10 mm.

Teeth covering with protective coating

To get maximal effect from teeth cleaning you should do a protective coating. Depending on method the tooth is covered with fluorinated film, coating, gel or wash. Thus you will get a protection against bacteria.

To keep your teeth healthy we advise you do the cleaning at least two times a year.

Tooth cleaning in 32 dent conduct:
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT»
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT» (therapeutist)
Tooth cleaning: price
I Prevention of caries, periodontitis, professional hygiene:
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