Dental tooth implantation

об имплантации зубов

Dental tooth implantation

Dental tooth implantation is a modern way to restore your teeth row via implants which esthetic and functional are equal to natural teeth.

Advantages of tooth implantation:

  • Restoration of one or several absent teeth;
  • No need to cut down bordering teeth;
  • Possibility to use implants as basis for dentures;
  • Your jaw bone will be safe;
  • Great esthetic effect;
  • Our experienced dentist will do the implantation procedure with best quality materials that will provide long lasting result;
  • Implants life time can be from 10 to 20 years.

Implantation methods

  • One-stage implantation
  • Two-stage implantation
  • All methods of implantation


Dental implants systems













Alpha Dent

Alpha Dent имплантация зубов киев

9 900 UAH
Two-stage implantation

Alpha Bio

имплантация зубов Alpha Bio киев

9 900 UAH
Two-stage implantation

AB Dental Devices

имплантация зубов AB Dental Devices

9 900 UAH
Two-stage implantation

Trinon Q-Implant System

Trinon Q-Implant System имплантация зубов

10 900 UAH
 Two-stage implantation

Konus Dental Implants

Konus Dental Implants: имплантация зубов

11 900 UAH
 Two-stage implantation

Nobel Biocare Replace

Nobel Biocare Replace имплантация зубов

 Two-stage implantation

  Implantation contra indications:       
  • Pancreatic diabetes
  • Oral mucosa illnesses
  • Tuberculosis
  Implants drawbacks:
  • Possibility of early rejection;
  • Implants cost more compared to dentures;
  • Long process of treatment that can take up to several months.
  ВАЖНО о имплантации зубов!  


Indications and contra indications for tooth implantation

Oral care after tooth implantation

What is tooth implantation

Tooth implantation is a restoration of lost teeth via implantation of prosthesis in tissue of dentition.

Tooth implantation stages

имплантация зубовThe first stage is planning. It means preliminary diagnosis of patient`s dentition. We talk about close examination of dentition that should expose anatomic peculiarities. This is done via modern x-rays and methods of visualization of medical information. On this stage we also develop a stage-by-stage plan for tooth implantation.

The second stage is surgical. On this stage the tooth implantation is done. The basis for the implant, which is like an artificial titan root for the tooth is put into jaw bone.

The third stage is abutment installation. Given method of tooth implantation also belongs to surgical but its traumacity is limited by a small area of mucosa. After the abutment installation only one week is needed to finish the tooth implantation process.

The fourth and the last is the orthopedic stage. During this stage the crown part is being installed on abutment, prosthesis or bridge system. The orthopedic stage ends with creation of full construction.

Implantation types

Depending on implant interaction there are several methods of teeth implantation:

  • Intramucous teeth implantation is used for better fixation of denture;
  • Submucous teeth implantation often means use of magnets under the patient`s mucosa;
  • Intraperiosteal teeth implantation is done with creation of individual constructions. This type of implantation is used in case of frank jaw atrophy or loss of tooth;
  • Osseointegrated-intraperiosteal teeth implantation is used to provide maximal implant`s stability.
  • Intradental-osseointegrated teeth implantation is used to prevent pathologic teeth movement during periodontosis and parodontitis;
  • Osseointegrated teeth implantation is a method for installation of laminar, crateriform and other implants in jaw bone tissue via cutting of gum and periosteal coverage.
Dental tooth implantation in 32 dent conduct:
Surgeon-dentist of higher category, surgeon-implantologist of «32dent» clinic
Dental tooth implantation: price
I Implantation:
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