Fixed dentures

In cases when natural tooth crown is absent or damaged it is replaced with an artificial one.
tooth crowns

 Functionally and esthetically tooth crowns can fully replace natural tooth. The most popular materials for production of dentures and crowns are ceramic metals or metal-free ceramics.

We offer such types of fixed denture:

For production of crowns companies usually use metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics or special plastic. 

Fixed dentures treatment
Fixed dentures treatment
	 Fixed dentures treatment

Fixed dentures treatment

is a process of tooth crown installation for replacement of single lost tooth of bridge denture in case when several teeth are absent. Crown is a protruding part of tooth that is under the gum. Tooth crowns are used mainly to grind food.

Regular care and right oral cavity hygiene will help to keep the tooth crown strong via strengthening enamel and dentin, thus providing a longer service time of crowns. 

Kinds of tooth crowns:


Very natural look


Tooth inlay

Mini restoration

Tooth inlay


Restoration of a damaged tooth



For multiple damaged teeth


Fixed prosthetics on implants

The most reliable method of prosthetics in the absence of a dentition

Fixed prosthetics on implants

What are dentures made of?


The most aesthetic material


Most durable material


Durable and aesthetic material

Zirconium dioxide

The lightest and most reliable material

Composite materials

Made from a modern mix


Rare option

Usually metal-free crowns cost more then metal ceramics, but the esthetic effect is absolutely stunning.

Bridge denture

Bridge denture

is a construction for replacement of singe or several absent teeth. To install a bridge you need to have at least two racks. The bridge denture is produced of the same materials as tooth crown.

For bridge production you can also choose between metal ceramics or metal-free ceramics.

Metal ceramics

Fixed denture utilizes alloys of modern material (metal ceramics, plastic or metal-free ceramics). Tooth crowns are made of material selected by patient and doctor according to their expectancies and price.

The most affordable variant is installation of metal tooth crowns. But this construction does not provide esthetic attractivity, as metal teeth differ quite a lot compared to natural ones.

Nowaday metal ceramics is the most popular material used in production of tooth crowns. This material has high density and reliability, and also has little differences compared to natural tooth look. Metal ceramics is a rational choice for price-quality balance and good esthetics. With right care high quality metal ceramics can serve up to 20 years.

The newest invention in fixed dentures is metal-free ceramics. Dentures made of this material look even more natural than of metal ceramics.

Metal-free ceramics

Fixed dentures 3

One of the biggest advantages of porcelain is absence of allergies.

 Metal ceramics is used in fixed dentures in case when fillings get dark, tooth break or  twist. Metal ceramics is cheap but effective solution to restore a tooth row.

 Wide variety of colors allows to choose the right one, so that the dentures wont differ from other teeth. Even at close view it is really hard to see the difference between the crown made of metal-free ceramics and natural teeth.

Metal-free ceramics is a perfect solution for young people, who like to go disco. Under UV light metal-ceramics looks unnatural, because it does not reflect the light. Porcelain crowns look just like natural teeth.

Crown installation

Crown installation

Prior to crown installation the dentist cuts off the tooth. When there are no contraindications or  inflammatory processes the crown is fixed with special substance. With right care crown can serve up to 20 years. You should not fall in despair, when you`ve lost your tooth. Modern crown materials such as metal and metal-free ceramics give great esthetic effect and reliability. Metal ceramics costs less, but does not have lower quality then metal free crowns, that have better visual quality. Our experienced dentists are always ready to help you feel better and have a great smile.

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