Other surgeries

Thanks to special equipment we can carry out different maxillofacial operations fast and safe.

Surgeries are extremities that are used only in case when therapeutic treatment is impossible. Our surgeries are carried out on highest level to provide quality result. Dentists and surgeons of our clinic carry out a full complex of procedures to keep the tooth, and extract it only in rare cases.

Effective toothkeeping operation is an inflamated root extraction or amputation.

We can prevent tooth loss via crown-radicular separation. This operation consists of root separation via cutting of two teeth. This method is used be carious disease in place of root separation.

Modern tools and equipment help to keep the tooth even by cist extraction.

During surgery the doctor not only removes the inflammation source, but also does necessary preparations for further dentistry or implantation.

Other surgeries in 32 dent conduct:
Surgeon-dentist of higher category, surgeon-implantologist of «32dent» clinic
Other surgeries: price
I Surgery:
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