Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare in history of implantation takes the same place as Ford in history of car manufacturing.
Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare was founded by father of modern dental implantology Per-Ingvar Brånemark and has extensive experience in production of tooth implants.

Nowadays Nobel Biocare is the world leader in production of tooth implants and controls over 40% of world market.

Nobel Biocare is one of the oldest companies that takes leading place on the implantation market.

 The founder of the company is Per-Ingvar Brånemark.

Vast majority of dentists around the globe use Nobel Biocare implants. Our clinic is no exception. Our specialists provide one-stage and two-stage implantation with Nobel Biocare systems.

Nobel Biocare implants have rhizoid shape and designed for immediate installation on the place of lost tooth. The thread is made uneven thus providing a reliable fixation of implant in bone tissue. Triangular platform makes the placement of abutment optimal. Nobel Biocare implants are coated with special TiUnite coating that reduces time of osseointegration.
Nobel Biocare implants can be used by partial or full edentia.

Nobel Biocare more then 40 years makes researches in implantation. Experienced specialists realized innovative scientific researches in teeth constructions thus proving almost a 100% implant acceptability rate.

Clients of dental clinics prefer Nobel Biocare implantation systems due to high quality, great functionality and high esthetics.

Nobel Biocare provides all patients with the material of highest quality. Every single implant has its registration number. Taking this into account there are no chances to get a fake implant.
Nobel Biocare 2

To provide the highest result our specialists go to implantation operations only after full dental check. Patient has to do all doctor`s recommendations of tooth care after implantation.

Advantages of Nobel Biocare implantation systems

  • One of the main advantages of Nobel Biocare dental implantations systems is vast experience of production and use in dental implantology. Thanks to more than 40-years of experience Nobel Biocare managed to get almost a 100% rate of implant acceptation.

  • Special form of tooth implants, as well as unique features of TiUnite coating used in Nobel Biocare implants made it possible to do the bridgework right after implantation.

  • Unique Ti Unite coating that is similar by structure to human bone helps integration, that guarantees acceptation of implants in 98.5 cases out of 100;

  • Besides high functional characteristics Nobel Biocare implants also have high esthetics, because the company uses the newest technologies in denturing during production and installation of implant root part.

  • Every single Nobel Biocare implant has a personal ID that helps not only to avoid fake products but trace the history of the specific Nobel Biocare implant.

  • The preparation of implant site is almost injury free that helps the acceptation;

  • 40% (!) of dentists around the globe use Nobel Biocare systems.

  • Nobel Biocare tooth implants have unique upper layer coating called TiUnite.

Nobel dental implants. Tooth implantation

Tooth implant (artificial root) is a bar 3-5 mm in diameter.

Nobel Biocare 3


Preoperative check:

  1. Patients need to go through a check to determine the dangers that may come along with implant installation procedure and factors that may influence healing process of bone and soft tissues.

  2. If there are medical or other factors that may influence the healing process of bone or soft tissues are present (e.g, joint tissues pathology, steroid therapy, infectious disease of bones, smoking), all potential advantages and risks should be considered beforehand.

  3. In some cases, when bone tissue is not enough we use special materials that are joined with the bone and make it regenerate. After several month of regeneration we can do the implant installation.

  4. Preoperational procedures on upper jaw bone may be more difficult. We may need to do a sinus-lifting operation that helps to prepare the bone for further implantation.

  5. Thanks to more than 40-years of experience Nobel Biocare manages to get almost a 100% rate of implant acceptation.

Bear in mind that the effectiveness of implant acceptation depends on the patient. You should do all dentist recommendations and regularly come for professional tooth cleaning.

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