Removable dentures

Removable dentures should be used in cases when there are not enough abutment teeth  and implantation method is not suitable.

Types of Removable dentures:

  • Fully removable
  • Partially removable
  • Relatively removable.

Removable dentures are the most wide spread dentures. Usually patients come to doctor too late, when there is impossible to use other methods of teeth row restoration.

The biggest advantage of removable dentures is minimal contraindications and complications.

Dentures types:
  • clasp dental prosthesis
  • nylon dental prosthesis (laminar)


Съемное протезирование


  1 - Removable part.
2 - Fixed part.

Clasp dental prosthesis

Clasp dental prosthesis have arched form. The prosthesis is fixed via  hangers on natural teeth and gums. The construction of clasp dental prosthesis provides good fixing that prevents loosening.

The  prosthesis is shaped in such way to provide maximal comfort. Opposed to other constructions clasp dental prosthesis do not cover palate, thus speeding up the adaptation process. Another advantage of this prosthesis is simple care and good esthetics. Metal mountings are not visible as they are inside the construction.

Nylon dental prosthesis

Nylon dental prosthesis is a construction that consists of plastic base, shaped as gum with artificial teeth on it.

Nylon dental prosthesis are comfortable and easy to use. Special clammers fix the prosthesis, thus providing tight adjoin with abutment teeth.

Modern nylon dental prosthesis are made to provide maximal esthetic effect. The color of prosthesis base is as color of natural gum.  

Nylon dental prosthesis have numerous advantages:

  • No  contraindication;
  • Fast adaptation;
  • Comfortable construction;
  • Good esthetics;
  • No metal elements;
  • Extreme toughness and reliability.

Furthermore, there is no need to remove nylon dentures at night. You just have to perform elementary daily care to prolong its service period. To prevent bacteria development on the surface of nylon dentures you should clean it with special solution from time to time.

Flexible dentures production technology

Specialists of our clinic use Removable dentures that take into account all physiological peculiarities of jaw bone.

Thanks to dentures you can restore chewing functions and get good esthetics. Denture installation will help you keep your natural teeth in shape.

Removable dentures and made quite fast. The dentist takes measures and makes a plaster model of it. After that the patient comes for another visit and does the test fitting. The next time he gets a ready to use flexible denture.

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