AB Dental Devices

AB Dental Devices is a company that is oriented on production of one-stage and two-stage implants.
AB Dental Devices

AB Dental Devices implants have several distinctive features compared to constructions of other companies. The distinctive feature of two-stage implants is an internal hexagon.

 One-stage constructions come with abutment, that speeds up the installation process.

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AB Dental Devices implants are popular by dentists around the world. These implantation constructions are produced on modern high-tech equipment and meet all modern quality standards.

AB Dental Devices implants are products of numerous researches in osseointegration and biomechanics. The line of AB Dental Devices tooth implants is so wide and diverse that it meets needs of even most demanding patients thus satisfying all requirements for any implantation procedure.

AB Dental Devices is also a world-known producer of specialized dental equipment and accessories for dentistry. Quality and service life of company`s products made AB Dental Devices extremely popular among dentists and patients of different social layers.

AB Dental Devices implants are result of company`s extensive work with clients. Numerous scientific developments of AB Dental Devices were implemented thanks to customer`s requirements.

Our dentists, as specialists of leading clinics in Europe, choose AB Dental Devices implants for fast, reliable and long lasting result.

Patients appreciate AB Dental Devices implants for their functional features and good esthetics.