About us

32 reasons to smile

32 dent in a clinic of quality equipment, materials and full security

We use materials and equipment of well-known companies. All instruments are individual and go through a full sterilization cycle on modern equipment, thus we can guarantee a 100% protection from any infections.

32 dent gives you warranty for all types of works

that can be from 1 to 10 years.

32 dent is a clinic of affordable prices

We deliberately made the price level affordable. Simply compare, and you will see how lower are prices are.

32 dent is a clinic of specialists

In our clinic work only the best specialists of Kiev, which is asserted by numerous testimonials of our patients, diplomas and certificates. Most dentist work here from the day of clinic establishment. All doctors constantly learn new methods of teeth treatment, use them at work and go through obligatory certification.

32 dent is a clinic of special offers

We regularly provide discount for most services. We also have a good discount system that will help to save money for the whole family.

32 dent is a clinic that’s near

We are situated on Kiev’s central avenue (Pobedy av. 15) with a nice parking and not far from metro station Politekhnicheskyi institute.