Endodontitis treatment

Endodontitis is teeth nerve inflammation. The main reason of endodontitis is inflammation of teeth soft tissues.

Endodontitis semiology:

In most cases endodontitis comes with acute pain that respond in ears, temples or throat.
When there is no pain, you should pay attention to changes in tooth color.
The most probable symptom is long (over 30 seconds) reaction on temperature stimulus.

Endodontitis reasons:

  • Complications with caries
  • Chemical actions
  • Tooth injuries (fracture or crown displacement)
  • Unprofessional treatment
  • Bad quality filling material

Endodontitis treatment

Clients of 32Dent can choose to treat endodontitis via one of two popular methods:

First treatment technology is suitable in case of timely visit to the doctor. At the initial state endodontitis is treated without pulp removal.

The second stage is more difficult to treat as it goes with pus. Endodontitis treatment is done with special calcium cappings and antibiotic bandages. Often dentists need to remove pulp and tooth nerve. Is this case tooth channel needs to be filled.

Лечение пульпита           Лечение пульпита

All treatment procedures are done after anesthetization with arsenic or other nerve blocking substances.

Endodontitis treatment in 32 dent conduct:
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT»
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT» (therapeutist)
Endodontitis treatment: price
I Diagnosis:
II Caries theatment with photopolymer material:
III Treatment of complicated caries (endodontitis, parodontitis):
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