Caries treatment

Caries is a disease of hard tooth tissues that results cavities in tooth surface. Caries also softens the enamel and dentine.

Лечение кариеса Лечение кариеса   Лечение кариеса

Caries levels

Carious stain

Tooth surface becomes matt.
This level of caries does not give painful feeling on temperature stimulus.

Surface caries

The enamel gets softer and begins to react on salty or sweet, cold or hot food.

Intermediate caries

Intermediate caries is characterized by cavity creation.

Deep caries

Is the last level of caries development that comes along with acute pain and tooth destruction.

Dental clinic 32Dent offers professional treatment of caries via modern methods and newest equipment. Our specialist will do all procedures fast and painless. We also charge modest price, so you should not lay aside your visit to the dentist.

Ignoring elementary tooth care and long delayed treatment can result in illnesses not only of teeth, but gums and tooth nerves.

Caries factors:

  • Wrong food
  • Bad genetic background
  • Low immunity
  • No tooth hygiene
Caries treatment in 32 dent conduct:
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT»
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT» (therapeutist)
Caries treatment: price
I Diagnosis:
II Caries treatment:
III Caries theatment with photopolymer material:
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