Denture treatment

Denture treatment is a procedure that is aimed to restore wholeness of tooth row, chewing function and aesthetic appeal. Specialists of our clinic will help you to choose the right type of dentures:

Experienced  orthopedist of 32Dent clinic can guarantee high quality result of denture treatment thanks to newest equipment and high quality materials.

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Denture treatment


It is well known, that good and beautiful teeth result from three conditions: good genes, right care and in time treatment. But sometimes as result of trauma or wrong treatment of dental diseases (even by wrong denture treatment)  immune weakening or damage a person may loose one or several teeth.

Absence of a tooth is not only an esthetic problem. When the wholeness of tooth row is damaged the process of chewing becomes more complicated thus resulting in stomach illnesses. Furthermore, with absence of one teeth the tension for the neighboring increases. That can make other teeth loose. It often happens that neighboring teeth begin to get bevel. So, this is a much more serious problem that in might look at first glance.

Relatively cheep, fast and quality solution of tooth loss problem is denture treatment.

Denture construction is shaped according to patient`s physical peculiarities based on results of preliminary check. Dental crowns that are installed during this procedure differ by color, price, shape and other parameters.

For dentures treatment in 32Dent clinic we offer dismountable and fixed dentures that by there functional and esthetic  qualities are as good as natural teeth.

Dentures treatment allows you to solve even the hardest problems with teeth effective and for an affordable price. In 32Dent clinic our specialist will do quality dentures treatment for any case.

Denture treatment in 32 dent conduct:
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