Teeth treatment during pregnancy

Specialists of 32Dent clinic will do the treatment of pregnant safe and qualitatively, considering all nuances.
Teeth treatment during pregnancy

First step for giving birth to a healthy child is maximal care for future mother during the whole pregnancy period.

Right food, tooth care and regular checks at dentist will help to avoid unnecessary sicknesses and bad influences on a baby.

It is well known that during pregnancy woman`s body needs a lot of vitamin D and calcium.

That is why everyday they need to eat milk products, sea food and hard cheese. They also should not forget about season fruits. If not all vitamins are given in needed amount this amount is being taken from the mothers body, which results in lack of calcium. As result the teeth get worse. Future mothers get yellow stains on enamel, caries gets worse, teeth start to fall and gums get damaged. There is also one problem that most pregnant women face - pregnancy gingivitis. What is that? It is an inflammation of gum tissues that surround the tooth. With gingivitis the gums swell, get red and bleed. What is the cause for it? The main reason for it is the change of hormones balance in a women`s blood. This illness is supported by some bad bacteria, whose waste products can infiltrate blood and migrate through the organism, thus influencing on the fetus.

What needs to be done, to prevent this?

  • You should visit dentist at least twice during pregnancy period: in the beginning and in the middle of second trimester. Thanks to new technologies most procedures have become absolutely safe. During your visit our dentist will check your mouth cavity, diagnose condition of teeth and mucosa and do a sional cleaning of debris with ultrasound «Air Flow». This procedures takes one hour and used materials are absolutely safe for mother and fetus.
  • You should treat all teeth that need immediate treatment. Our specialists will plan everything to prevent harm for mother and child. Modern anesthetics are unable to infiltrate the placental barrier, thus not influencing a childs health.
  • You should consult your dentist and determine the toothpaste that has more fluor and will strengthen your teeth enamel and remove gums inflammation.


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Спасибо за чуткость и понимание! Очень боялась лечить зубы "в положении", но припекло как на зло. Девочки бегали вокруг, как мотыльки, все прошло быстро, безболезненно и аккуратно, так что теперь я вооружена, как говорится, до зубов! И цены порадовали, что в наше нелегкое время немаловажно. Скоро еще супруга к вам обязательно приведу, и старшую дочку за компанию.