Occlusion correction

Not everyone has straight and beautiful teeth from birth. But, this problem can be solved at any age. Experienced orthodontist of our clinic will help you to fix occlusion at shortest time possible and make it most esthetic. Addition checkup will help orthodontist to get the full picture of problems and get right treatment. The most reliable method to make them straight is bracket systems.

      Braces are special locks that are glued with special dental glue to outer (vestibular) or inner (lingual) surface of teeth. All braces on one jaw are fixed via orthodontic arch - a wire with preset harmonic teeth row form. When the wire straightens it works on the teeth.

Modern braces can make the procedure time faster and you would not have to shy for your tooth look.

металлические брекеты киев

Metal braces

Prices from 3500 UAH

Traditional bracket systems, as we used to see them. Biggest advantage of metal braces is their effectiveness. The looks quite massive, that is why not everybody wants to wear them, but modern metal braces are quite small, and the arch is really thin.




безлигатурные металлические брекеты цена


Self-ligating braces

Prices from 5000 UAH

Self-ligating braces do not require additional elements to fix the arch to the bracket. With this kind of braces you can visit orthodontist not so often and the straightening goes faster. Also on some teeth the braces size is smaller, thus making them less visible.



Косметические брекеты цена

Cosmetic braces

Prices from 5000 UAH

Cosmetic braces are made of plastic or other composite material. To make the construction stronger the steel arch is being used. The bracket itself is almost clear. But plastic brackets require more care, because they absorb some coloring solutions.




Керамические брекеты киев цена

Ceramic braces

Prices from 5500 UAH

The most esthetic type of braces (except for lingual). Ceramic braces are almost invisible and easy to take care of.







Сапфировые брекеты

Sapphire braces

Prices from 6900 UAH

Subtype of ceramic braces. Sapphire braces are mono-crystals that are absolutely clear. They not only straighten, but also are jewelry. Each bracket is an artificially grown sapphire crystal.


Лингвальные брекеты цена киев

Lingual braces

Prices from 4,500 €

These braces are made from metal, but installed on the inner side of teeth. Lingual braces are absolutely invisible, but they require more care and it is not easy to get used to them.





Children occlusion correction

If your baby starts to teethe, then its time to think about right occlusion. Precaution is always better than treatment. Specialists of our clinic will offer you the easiest and most effective means for that.

Surgical occlusion correction

It is impossible to treat hard inborn or posttraumatic pathology of jaw development with brackets or other non-surgical methods. In 32 Dent clinic you can fix different occlusion abnormalities with surgical interference. Surgical treatment always goes along with other types of treatment.

Braces: before and after

брекеты до и после фото

брекеты до и после фото

Occlusion correction in 32 dent conduct:
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Occlusion correction: price
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