Veneers are thin plates made of porcelain that can be used as artificial alternative for outer tooth layer. With veneers you can cover born or acquired injuries, that you got from dental diseases or low quality defects treatment.
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Installation and production of veneers

Installation and production of veneers

Dentist makes moulds of damaged or unattractive teeth and sends them to special laboratory. Afterwards a ready veneer is fixed with cement to a previously tooled tooth.

Thus you can easily cover up defects in short time. It is a comfortable solution for patients, who constantly communicate with other people.

Color and shape of veneers can be established individually.

It should be noted that veneer correction can be done only before installation.

Installation and production of veneers

All together to remove defects it is enough to visit dentist twice.

musician's veneers

Wind instrument musicians

often have veneers installed in order to protect teeth from accidental damage while playing.

It is advisable to use veneers in such cases:

  • Inborn enamel defects;
  • Change of tooth color (as result of wrong channel treatment);

  • Change of fillings color;

  • Small spaces between teeth;

  • Defects of teeth row via grinding or breaks.


Installation and production of veneers

Veneer advantages


Fast installation. It takes only two visits to dentist.


In case of veneer installation minor fasing is needed, compared to crown installation.


Veneers help to fix inborn or  acquired tooth enamel defects.


Veneers help to fix inborn or  acquired tooth enamel defects.


Veneers are made of porcelain that is not allergic.


With right care veneers keep their color during whole service time.



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