Tooth extraction

Удаление зубов Tooth extraction is a surgical operation that is carried out with special tools after anesthesia.

Tooth extraction is carried out only after preliminary check and diagnosis estimation. With complete or partial tooth extraction dentist tries to prevent damage of surrounding tissues.

If there is any chance to prevent the extraction the dentists will surely try to use it. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to prevent the surgery.

Tooth extraction is necessary in case of:

  • Global destruction of crown or subdingival part.
  • Major tooth tilt, that hinders further denture treatment.
  • Periodontitis complications.
  • Serious injury with tooth crown damage.
  • To prevent inflammatory process of other teeth (extraction of  wisdom tooth).
  • Misplaced teeth.
  • Complications caused by endodonitic treatment (treatment of root channels).

Tooth extraction is impossible in following cases:

  • Sugar diabetes in decompensation stage
  • Acute viral respiratory diseases
  • Oral cavity infectious diseases
  • Mental abnormalities
  • Cardiovascular diseases  in decompensation stage
  • Myocardial infarction

After the extraction patient needs to keep following simple recommendations. Following these recommendations will prevent complications and make healing faster.

After tooth extraction:

  1.  Do not eat food for two hours.
  2.  Avoid hot food or water.
  3.  Avoid alcohol.
  4.  Avoid hot bath to prevent purulence.
  5.  Avoid heating cheek near extracted tooth.
  6.  Brush teeth on the next day after surgery.
  7.  Do not wash mouth or oral cavity.
  8.  It is better to chew food with teeth on the other side of jaw.
  9.  Avoid touching extracted tooth area with hands or other objects.

Recommendations for injury care after tooth extraction:

  1.  Avoid eating food for 2-3 hours after extraction;
  2.  Avoid alcohol and sauna on operation day;
  3.  Avoid touching injury with tongue or other objects;
  4.  Avoid hot food;
  5.  Do not wash mouth.    
Tooth extraction in 32 dent conduct:
Doctor-stomatologist of general profile at clinic «32 DENT»
Surgeon-dentist of higher category, surgeon-implantologist of «32dent» clinic
Head doctor of «32DENT» clinic General profile dentist (1 categoty)
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