Teeth whitening

The whitening procedure is designed to bring natural color of your teeth with help of specialized equipment.

Natural color of teeth gets darker because of different external factors:

  • Black tea, coffee, chocolate etc;
  • Fruits (grape, blackberry);
  • Nicotine;
  • Fluor in water.

Often genetic and systematic illnesses become reasons for changes in teeth color.
Teeth enamel also gets darker with people who used to wear brackets for a long time.

Teeth whitening in «32Dent»

Our specialists prefer to use only modern methods for teeth whitening that are safe for teeth enamel. Our greatest advantage - high quality and low cost.

Popular teeth whitening methods


Zoom! Includes two ways of whitening: home and professional.


Zoom! Home whitening

This method uses special trays filled with whitening gel. Dentist defines exact time a patient need to wear those trays at day or at night. Duration and periodicity of procedure is defined personally, depending on the condition of tooth enamel and desired effect.

Advantages of Zoom!:

  • Ease of use;
  • Whitening at night;
  • Less visits to dentist;
  • No pain.

Disadvantages of Zoom!:

  • No dosage for active gel;
  • Possibility of teeth sensitivity increase;
  • Minor brightening of teeth enamel.

Zoom! Professional whitening

The procedure is done only at dental room by your dentist.
With professional whitening your teeth are being exposed to light ray. This method is absolutely painless and safe because it uses a whitening gel on non-acid basis.


  • No operations with teeth nerves;
  • Use of teeth-friendly non-acid gel;
  • Long lasting result;
  • Professional control;
  • Home whitening paste as bonus.


  • Possibility of uneven result;
  • After professional whitening to keep the result you need to regularly do elementary procedures of tooth care.

Each client of «32Dent» clinic gets a special paste for home use that makes whitening effect last longer.


Airflow is done by spraying special substance of water, natrium bicarbonate and air via special instrument. Airflow whitening is a procedure that cleans teeth from bacteria, debris, slate on visible and invisible surfaces. Airflow whitening is fast and painless. Compared to usual cleaning with toothpaste Airflow is more effective because it removes debris even in awkward places in a short period of time.

Powder, water and air are sprayed on enamel without direct contact with teeth surface. Thus the teeth surface is not harmed.

During this procedure you will feel no discomfort, because the substance has nice flavor and optimal temperature.

To prolong the effect of whitening teeth are covered with special protective layer.


American teeth whitening technology White&Perfect is a procedure that utilized gel and UV-rays.

This method provides visible effect of brightening for 3-4 tints after first visit.

With right care you can keep your white effect for 1,5 years.

White&Perfect is fast and harmless method of teeth enamel whitening.

Teeth whitening in 32 dent conduct:
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Teeth whitening: price
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