вектор-терапияVector-therapy is one of the most effective and thus popular methods of periodontium illnesses treatment. It`s effectiveness is proved by dentists all over the world. Specialists of our clinic that have successful results in treating periodontitis with vector-therapy. The results of our work are healthy gums and beautiful and strong teeth.

Periodontitis is one of the most widespread periodontium illnesses that is characterized by gum tissue inflammation. Periodontitis becomes obvious when gums inflame and start bleeding. Also you can have a bad smell from mouth. Teeth displacement is also possible. Being neglected this illness can cause tooth loss.

To keep your gums and teeth healthy you have to do elementary daily care of oral cavity. In case you could not prevent the illness, in time visit to the doctor will help you solve problems with gums inflammation and keep your teeth healthy.

Vector-therapy is a modern solution for periodontitis treatment. The procedure utilizes innovational device called Vector of German company Durr Dental.

Vector-therapy allows to remove the debris on gums, that are the reason for inflammation, fast, effective and, what is most important, absolutely painless.

Vector system is used by treating incipient stage of periodontitis and for preventive treatment:

  • After gum treatment,
  • Implants installation
  • Duntures.

Vector-therapy is attenuated procedure of periodontitis treatment that utilizes ultrasound. This device allows to do the cleaning of periodontal pocket from debris and bio-film without damaging soft and hard tissues. The painlessness of this method is secured by special hydrocoat that is situated at the tip of Vector device. Main components of hydrocoat are calcium hydroxypatite and water.

As result of vector-therapy you`ll get absolutely cleaned teeth and gums. Thanks to special heads doctor can choose the best one for cleaning of every patient`s mouth thus providing an individual care for all different patients.

Before the procedure our specialists do a dental check to determine a diagnosis and to utilize the most effective treatment method.

Procedure cost 1500 UAH