Perio Type

Perio Type implants are made under the supervision of Clinical House Europe, that specializes in production of prostheses and titan disks for spine. The products of this company are popular among dentists, surgeons and orthopedists around the globe.

Numerous researches in dentistry made possible the development of innovative implant Perio Type, that give long lasting results.

Perio Type implantation systems have special antibacterial isolation of gum border thus proving quality protection of mucosa from malignant bacteria.

Teeth implantation with Perio Type implants provides long-term preservation of soft and bone tissues around the implantable construction.
Perio Type is well known around the world thanks to innovative researches in implantology.

Technical features of Perio Type products:

Имплантаты Perio Type

  • The fixation of soft tissues to Perio Type implants is done by gas spaying. Given method helps to make the result of implantation significantly better;
  • The technology of implant shoulder condensation helps to minimize the influence of bacteria, that reduces time of osseointegration;
  • Bone cells are stimulated via Resorbable Blasting Media resolving material. RBM is cleaned via spray and than processed with water solution of nitrous acid;
  • Bioactive material is used to quickly cure post-operation wounds. It is widely used in operations for patients with sugar diabetes and osteoporosis.

Clients of our clinic can choose following Perio Type products for implantation procedure:

PerioType X-Pert implants have high antibacterial properties thanks to special layer on abutments.

PerioType X-Class implants are universal constructions whose form allows to make the implantation accurate without damaging the implantation area.

Periotype X-Class implants has wide variety with golden abutments and composite abutments.

PerioType XL implants have bigger size and are used for solving problems with posterior teeth.



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