- Medikari Pavel

Personal qualities:

Professionalism, integrity, diligence, sociability, benevolence, attentiveness to patients.

Surgeon-dentist, surgeon-implantologist of «32dent» clinic
  • 2007-2012 - Crimean State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky
  • 2012-2014 - Internship in General Dentistry at Odessa National Medical University
  • 2017 - Specialization in surgical dentistry in the Dnipro National Medical Academy

Additional education:

  • 2015 - Using Picasso diode laser in dental practice
  • 2015 - Modern strategies for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases: international experience and development prospects
  • 2015 - Experience of using the Helbo antimicrobial photodynamic laser system in the practice of a dentist
  • 2016 - School of implantation. The first steps in the implantation. Immediate loading and surgical stage (SSCC "Stamil" Scientific and clinical base of the Institute of Dentistry NMAPO named after Shupyk)
  • 2016 - School of implantation. Implantation - from introduction to rehabilitation. Orthopedic stage (SNSC "Stamil" Scientific and clinical base of the Institute of Dentistry NMAPO named Shupyk)
  • 2017 - Basics of implant treatment and prosthetics on implants (School of Applied Implantology "Educational Center" Up & Do "")
  • 2017 - In-depth cardiovascular life support ACLS (Intensive practical course in emergency conditions)
  • management of ambulatory surgery;
  • conducting outpatient surgeries;
  • atypical removal of third molars;
  • removal of dystopic and impacted teeth;
  • performing tooth-preserving operations (resection of the root apex, root amputation, hemisection, coronary-radicular separation);
  • cystectomy with resection of the root apex using osteoplastic materials;
  • conducting periodontal surgeries (open curettage, gingivectomy, osteogiveivoplasty, NTR, frenuloplasty, vestibuloplasty);
  • removal of soft tissue formations (atheroma, dermoid cyst, retention cyst);
  • dental implantation.