Medical Implant System

Medical Implant System (MIS) implants take one of the leading positions in the modern day dentistry. Our specialists successfully use this technology in our clinic.

MIS implantation systems are widely used in many countries of Europe, including Russia and Ukraine. Medical Implant System implants are also very popular in Asia and USA.

High quality combined with affordable price make these products very popular among patients from different layers of society. Thanks to low priced MIS implants beautiful smile is now available to all.

Systems for MIS implantation procedure fulfill all modern requirements of high quality implants. They are reliable, tough, aesthetic and simple to install. They can be installed by experienced and beginning dentists.

The quality of Medical Implant System products is honored by leading standardization organizations: International Organization for Standardization, Food and Drug Administration and department of food and medical products of USA.

Implant types of Medical Implant System

MIS UNO is one-piece construction designed for one-stage implantation. Medical Implant System UNO is most suitable for patients with low volume of bone tissue.

MIS Biocom implants are cylindrical. The thread on the construction differs from bottom to top.

Lance tooth implants are universal and suit for one-stage or two-stage implantation. Special shape of implants makes its installation easy. Basic material for Lance implants is titan Grade-5.

MIS Seven has unique construction and thread. It is used in extraordinary cases when the patient has physiological distinctions of bone tissue or teeth.

   Medical Implant System    

Medical Implant System also produces orthodontic and temporary constructions.



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