Dental clinic 32Dent
is situated by address:
Kiev, Pobedy av. 15
+38 (044) 236 89 53
+38 (067) 407 50 99
+38 (044) 238 72 22
Clinic work schedule
7 days a week
You can also contact us via feedback form or via e-mail

You can get to dental clinic 32Dent by metro. First you have to come to metro station Politekhnichesky institute, and then walk 600 m towards city centre. 100 meters away from Civil Registry Office you will see a house with sing 32Dent on it.

If you are going by car, you`ll have to go to Pobedy avenue, from Politekhnichesky institute towards city centre. Just before Civil Registry Office you`ll see WOG gas station. You`ll have to turn right after it. Dental clinic 32Dent is situated at house number 15. The entrance is from the side of Pobedy avenue.

If you are coming from centre, you can go from Borschagovskaya street to McDonalds and Civil Registry Office, and then turn right at first crossing.